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Korea Day 5 (Chelsea Yeoju Premium Outlet)

by - 6:06 PM

Day 5 started with some really nice scenery... We reached the hotel really late yesterday so there was no chance for us to view the breathtaking scenery... See the mountain in the picture??? This was the magnificent Mount Sorak!!! Too bad the weather was really misty and the mountain was actually quite far away so pardon me for the bad picture quality...

'Chelsea Yeoju Premium Outlet' was our next stop... Obviously, this place was included in our itinerary all because of the LADIES!!! This was one of the shopping haven in Korea selling branded goods at a cheaper price... But according to our tour guide, it was better to buy branded stuff in the airport and it was much cheaper... So don't get cheated!!!

A panda bear made from Lego bricks!!!

I really like the concept of the shopping area... Something like 'Queen's Park' in Cheras... I prefer this kind of shopping environment as opposed to those more common one especially with the cold and chilly weather!!! A perfect combo I guessed!!!

But frankly speaking, the stuff over there was really really expensive... Cut throat price I must said!!! But it was nice for us to go and had a look at some of the stuff selling there... Most of the items were not found in Malaysia so it was quite an eye opener for us 'JAKUN' people...

To be continue...

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