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How To Train Your Dragon In 3D

by - 10:18 PM

Watched this movie two weeks ago with my darling... Been a while since both of us went for a movie together... I'm a movie freak while she's more like a drama freak... Since her colleague recommended her this movie, she seems really keen to watch it... Apart from that, I heard a lot of good reviews about this movie also... Normally I don't really fancy watching cartoons but sometimes there is exception!!!

So cut the story short... I liked this movie... Funny with incredible 3D effect... In my opinion, cartoons have better 3D effect as oppose to conventional movies... As for the storyline, it was designed to cater for small children so there was no twist and turn in it... Very straight forward I must say...

Not the greatest movie for year 2010 but definitely worth watching... No wonder it got such good reviews everywhere!!!

Still waiting patiently for 'Iron Man 2' and 'Ip Man 2'...

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