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Sony SAL50F18 lens...

by - 5:45 PM

SAL50F18 lens...

Recently I added a new lens to my photography equipment arsenal... The Sony SAL50F18 lens which is my first prime lens ever... The focal length of this lens is 50mm and the apperture is a rather big F1.8... This is the first Sony DT prime lens and it is designed and marketed as a portrait lens... There is another 50mm prime lens in Sony lens lineup... The other 50mm lens is more high end and it can support full frame camera whereas my 50mm lens is a DT lens which is for APS-C sensor only and the apperture is even bigger - F1.4!!!

At first, I am not very use to the fix focal length... But now kinda getting the hang of it... What I love about this lens is the big apperture... It allows me to shoot in a dimly lit place without using flash... I was really disappointed with auto focus (AF) system because I find it kinda slow... Is fast if you compare to the standard kit lens and my telephoto lens... But if I compare it to my Carl Zeiss zoom lens, I find the AF to be a bit slower... Normally, prime lens have the advantage in AF over zoom lens but this is not the case apparently... Nevertheless, I'm still loving my new 50mm lens!!!

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