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The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction

by - 11:50 PM

Today while following behind a car, I saw something sticking on the rear windscreen... So I decided to drive closer and have a good look... There I found this really nice quote... I find this quote really motivating...


In my opinion, I think this is life... There is no straight path and definitely no short cut to it... If life is so easy there will be no more fun living already... If the road to success is indeed a straight and really smooth path, then I guess everyone in this world would be successful... Okay now this lead to the way I see life!!!

So I guess is all down to the individual... How you perceive life and its purpose... To me, life is full of joy but sometimes life can also be cruel... There must be some ups and downs... If not, you will definitely bored to death...

My life's motto is really simple... Welcome each day with a smile because you don't know when is your time to leave... Time comes and goes real fast... Thinking back, how many days you live your life happily and how many days you live yours in agony last year??? If you are happy, you live through a day... If you are unhappy, you also live through a day... So why not choose to life happily... And that's the reason why I chose to welcome each day with a smile... We have a choice... A very simple choice in fact... But a lot of people just don't get it... Life is short... So live happily is the obvious choice...

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