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Kungfu Cyborg - Metallic Attraction

by - 12:28 AM

Just finish watching this movie... Seems like this movie is the Chinese version of Transformer!!! Overall it was funny in a sense especially Ronald Cheng... I really like his movie because he is really funny!!! Quite entertaining but nothing to shout about... Is just a typical Chinese comedy cum love story... A girl in love with a robot... Sounds familiar??? So if you watch this movie and expect a hell of a storyline, I'm so sorry because you will be disappointed... So try to watch this movie as a comedy with no storyline at all... Something like Stephen Chow's movie... You will definitely enjoy more this way...

But I'm actually quite impressed by the movie CGI... Nothing short of spectacular... I must admit that some part looks fake and ridiculous, but not a bad attempt in my opinion... But please don't compared it with Hollywood... But give them some time and I'm very sure that the Chinese/Hongkie will definitely catch up with them... Not a bad movie for passing time...

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