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TOP Racing 'Photon' Concept

by - 8:45 PM

Designed by Josh Cyrul, the all new TOP Racing chassis will be called the Photon... Designed to run on both alsphalt and also carpet racing... It was also suitable for drifting like all others RC chassis... The car has a super low center of gravity thanks to the fact that most of the structural components lay on the main chassis which minimizes material volume and mass above the main chassis... The shock towers are also mounted directly to the bulkhead without a bulkhead cover, eliminating unneccesary parts and lowering the car center of gravity...

Besides that, the Photon has been optimized for use with Lipo sacks... With brushless motor in mind, and specifically smaller diameter spur gears, the motor mount allows the mounting of a wide range of gears that makes gearing more flexible...

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