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by - 9:06 PM

In my opinion, this is a much better movie compare to 'The Final Destination'... In fact so much better... Or maybe not... I find 'Orphan' quite entertaining at first... When I finish watching it, I realize that it is very similar to 'The Omen'... Just that the this time is a girl instead of a boy... Very very similar indeed... The reason I find 'Orphan' so much better compare to 'The Final Destination' is because the latter is such a lousy movie... It sucks BIG time...

As for the plot, it is nothing new except that Esther is a 33 year old lady instead of a 9 year old girl... I'm shock by it... Other than that, the plot is quite normal with all the twist and turn... But if you ask me, I prefer 'The Uninvited' over 'Orphan'... As for 'Orphan', you can really guess roughly what's going to happen except that she's actually 33 years old!!!

Nevertheless I do enjoy the movie... BTW, I like Esther angelic face!!! Isn't she cute???

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