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Transformers - Revenge Of The Fallen

by - 10:03 PM

Ohh I didn't know that looooooooog before Optimus Prime and the rest of the gangs landed on Earth, there were a bunch of others robots sort of an ancient Transformers that were actually staying on planet Earth!!! They were known as the Dynasty of Primes... They used a weapon called the Sun Harvestor to drain stars of their energy in order to convert it to Energon and powered Cybertron's "Allspark"... Before that, the Primes aggreed that life bearing planet would be spared but one of the brother who was thereafter named "The Fallen" constructed a Sun Harvestor on Earth in 17,000 BC... So the remaining brothers sacrified their bodies in order to hide the Matrix of Leadership which was the key to power the Sun Harvestor... Phew... what a story...

In the present day, Optimus now leads NEST which was a military organisation that included humans and also the Autobots... The mission of NEST was to wipe out Decepticons on Earth... As usual, you can expect a lot of robots fighting, cool cars and also hot babes!!! But I was left wanting... I'm really dissapointed at Transformers 2... I felt that the plot was horrible... And the way they film and edit the movie... Haiz, speechless... The whole movie just don't feel connected...

This movie will definitely appeal to younger audiences because of the cool robots... Hmmm maybe I'm too old for Transformers!!! Cool graphic and special effects but to me the whole movie was a DISASTER!!! Even the sexy and hot Megan Fox couldn't save the movie...

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