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Thank You Gift...

by - 11:25 PM

Our 'thank you gift'... We bought these chopsticks in Shanghai and carried it all the way back to Malaysia... Phew... Really hardwork as the chopsticks were really heavy... Luckily we went there with a bunch of friends and we check-in the airport in a group... If not, I'm sure we will be penalized as our luggages were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overweight!!!

As you can see, the 'thank you note' on the chopsticks, we got it printed and cut it out ourselves... After that, we need to stick it onto the chopsticks... Really a lot of work to be done... We stick around 96 packets of the chopsticks and it equals to 960 pairs of chopsticks!!! I really can't imagined that we actually did it...

So to those that went to our wedding dinner please appreciate it... Hehe...

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