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Earth Hour 2009

by - 9:50 AM

In an effort to save planet Earth, WWF are urging the world to switch off lights for an hour... The global event will take place tomorrow which is 28th of March 2009 starting from 8.30pm to 9.30pm... Is only an hour so is not a big deal actually and by doing this we are actually helping ourselves as we are the residents of planet Earth... As you all know that global warming is really getting out of hands, we must do what we can to make our planet Earth a better place to live in...

Earth Hour began in Sydney in year 2007 where 2.2 million peoples switch off their lights for an hour be it homes or businesses... In year 2008, the message had spread globally... With 50 million people switching off their lights for one hour... So the target for year 2009 must definitely eclipse that of year 2008 by a significant amount... 1 billion is the target for this year... It does not matter which states or which countries you live in because we are all living on a very same planet, which is planet Earth!!!

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