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Some Pics of My Car

by - 10:59 PM

I am driving a Proton Gen 2 MME Edition... It is a limited edition produce by Proton and R3 itself... It is limited to 200 units... Mine is number 51 out of 200... It comes with some minor modification from R3... The mod include R3 full exhaust system, R3 lowering spring, front and rear slotted disc brake, R3 spark plug cable and full R3 bodykit...

Now I am using HKS Reloaded open pod filter... Besides giving more power, I really like the induction sound from the filter... The filter is connected to the throttle body by HotBits aluminum piping... Added HotBits heat shield to prevent filter from sucking in hot air... Besides that, I am using a cold air intake (CAI) hose to allow colder air to be suck in by the filter... Thats all for the time being...

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