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by - 12:25 AM

Time really flies... Is PC Fair AGAIN!!! After 3 years in IT line, today is the FIRST time I visited PC Fair as a consumer and not as a reseller... As usual it was jam packed and it was really hard for me to navigate my way through the jam... But fortunately, I made it back in one piece...

At first, I don't intend to buy anything, but just before the exit there is one booth that really caught my eyes... Not because of the design of the booth or the show girls... In fact I don't see any show girls there... It is a Sony booth selling cameras and video cams...

I always like Sony products and I always wanted the Alpha 200 DSLR... What I can tell you is they are having crazy promotions and I couldn't resist it... I bought the Alpha 200... It cost me RM2099 for a twin lens kit... Now for the interesting part... The FREE gift... I got free gift worth over RM1000... Can you believe it... The free gift consist of a survival kit which include a bag, an umbrella, a watch, a T-Shirt, a jacket, a cap, a memory card holder, a notebook sleeve bag and a dunno whats that for... According to Sony, this survival kit cost RM599... Besides the survival kit, they even gave me a free Sony photo printer worth RM499 and a 4GB Sony Compact Flash worth RM299...

I am so proud to be a member of The Orange Legion!!!

My Alpha 200 with the standard kit lens (18-70mm)

This is the second lens (75-300mm)

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