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I'm In Love With The Fujifilm X100

by - 11:55 PM

I'm so in love with my new toy... Introducing the 'Fujifilm X100'... Got this little gem  almost a year now and I'm loving every moment spend with it... The performance of this little wonder is nothing short of extraordinary... In fact I stop using my 'DSLR' since I got the 'X100'... My old 'Sony A700' is being blown to pieces by it in every aspect... 

The 'IQ' of this thing is something you need to see in order to believe as this camera is so compact and you will never imagine the awesome picture that it produce... Simply amazing... Besides the incredible 'IQ', the retro design ticks all the right spot as I'm sucker for retro/retro looking things!!!

So anything bad about this camera??? Maybe is the fix lens if I really need to choose... But it is not something that really bothers me as I'm accustomed to fix lenses... Just sometimes I really wish I had a zoom lens with me... I'm really nit picking as I can't really find any fault with it... 

So what's next in my photography journey??? Selling off my trusty 'Sony A700' and aim for a 'Fujifilm X-Pro 2' with a 35mm or 56mm lens... Best if I can have both lenses :)... This will really be my dream camera line up... Till then...

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