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Lego 42005 (Monster Truck)

by - 11:30 PM

If you do not know, I'm a BIG 'Lego' fans since young... Till now, the love for 'Lego' have not diminish and I'm still very much in love with it... Recently got myself a set of 'Lego Technic Monster Truck' when getting some 'Lego' for my princess... Can't resist the temptation of playing with 'Lego' again!!!

I owned mostly 'Lego Technic' sets as oppose to normal 'Lego'... The reason I love 'Technic' sets is because of the mechanical property of the build... But I'm beginning to like 'Creator' sets nowadays... Might get myself one in the near future...

Featuring front and rear steerable wheels and massive suspension travel coupling with good looks... This is really one 'Lego' set that makes me crazy about it... Even my princess loves playing with it!!! I'm trying to get her to like 'Lego' so that we can play together in the near future!!! As most people will say... Start them from young and this is what I'm doing now... 

As with every 'Lego Technic' set, there are two models that you can make with every set... But most of the time, the 'B' model will either lack on looks, function or both... In this set, I'm afraid is both... Looks super ugly to my eyes... Function wise, nothing to shout about either with front steerable wheel and back suspension travel... That's about it... 

I love everything 'Lego' with one exception... The PRICE!!! Bloody expensive!!!

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