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More Problem From My 308 Turbo

by - 10:44 AM

I've decided to create a new labels for my blog... Previously, I will put all my '308 Turbo' update under 'Car Freak' which is a general label for all things related to cars... So just like what I did to 'FrankenBenz', I'm creating a dedicated label just for my '308 Turbo' and I name the label as 'Woeful 308 Turbo'!!! I'm sure most '308 Turbo' owner out there will agree to this label...

I really like the '308 Turbo' when it is behaving nicely... But the problem is, throwing tantrum is what it's good at!!! And quite frankly, it is driving me up the wall sometimes... It is a nice drive but maintaining it is a pain in the ass!!! 

Recently I got a special gift from it... Throwing two error code simultaneously!!! The dreaded 'Depollution System Error' is back after fixing it some time back... Last time the error code pop up because of a faulty turbocharger... This time round I'm still not too sure what causes it... Another error code is the infamous 'Gearbox Faulty' code which almost all '308 Turbo' owner with 'AL4' gearbox will get... Luckily with the error code on, I'm still able to drive it... Just that it restrict the gear to 3 only instead of 4 forward gears... 

Send my car to the workshop and after 1 week, it is finally fix... But what is the main problem remain a mystery!!! The mechanic change two of the solenoid in the gearbox and the problem still exist (the solenoid is the most common problem that causes gearbox faulty error in the 'AL4' gearbox... so normally mechanic will change these two solenoid first before doing anything else)... But after changing these two solenoids, the car will sometimes show the error code... So the mechanic decided to unplug all the wiring loom and rewired it back together and also cleaning the throttle body (which I'm not sure why he does that)... After doing all these, the car is back to normal... Even the 'Depollution System Error' code is missing!!! So if you ask me what is the main culprit for these two error code, I really can't tell you... Even my mechanic is puzzled by it... But deep down, I'm very sure the code will reappear again... Is inevitable... Is just a matter of when!!!

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