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Man of Steel

by - 9:09 PM

Every kid super hero is back... I believed most guys will try imitating 'Superman' when he's just a kid... I'm one of them... Tying a towel around the neck mimicking 'Superman's' cape and jumping around as if I'm flying... But no red underwear on the outside though!!!

The way they film this movie is a little bit different compare to previous 'Superman' movies... Not much on the past and it didn't potray 'Superman' as 'Clark Kent' only until the very end... Storyline wise is still acceptable but I like the fight scene as it looks just like those in 'Dragon Ball' (i'm a BIG fans of Dragon Ball)!!! Nothing to complain about the CGI as well as I find it pretty awesome... Other than that, is the same super hero movies that we all accustomed of... Good guy always win in the end... Not a bad movie overall but it doesn't move the bar any higher with this movie and I'm actually expecting more from it...

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