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Routine Check Up Turn D-Day!!!

by - 9:59 PM

Drove all the way back from 'Kuala Lumpur' to 'Batu Pahat' on the 19th of October... It was a Friday night... Reached 'Batu Pahat' around 1am in the morning... Talked to my darling for a while and I decided to sleep as I need to wake up at 6 in the morning... Suddenly my darling told me that her tummy hurt a bit but it doesn't feel like contraction... So we talked to our baby... "Mikayla, if you wanna come out, please come out tomorrow and let daddy and mummy sleep well tonight"!!! My darling always told her to come out on weekend as I'm around... She even told her to come out on that Saturday which is the 20th of October as my darling is having a tough time sleeping nowadays... After a while, my darling feels much more comfortable and we went to sleep...

Reached the hospital the very next morning and waited for our turn... Nothing special on this particular checkup at first... Doctor told my darling that we can still go shopping and enjoy our weekend as our baby is still not due yet... But suddenly, she told us that my darling need to be admitted today and she need to be induce!!! Her amniotic fluid is low and it is not good for our baby (i believe our baby heard what we said to her yesterday night!!!)... We were really excited as the time has come for us to see our 'Mikayla'!!!

To be continue...

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