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by - 9:50 PM

This is one helluva sci-fi movie that I don't really get it at first... But after searching and reading from the web, it gets so much clearer!!! Still I don't really fancy it... I know there are a lot of praises for this movie but I find it somewhat boring... I guess this is down to the fact that the story is a little bit slow pace and lack of any excitement!!! The storyline is great but the execution is not... Nonetheless, 'Emily Blunt' is just perfect!!! In fact, the reason I watched this movie is solely because of her!!! 

ps: In the story, it said that it was almost impossible to dispose of bodies but how come the old 'Joe' are still killing??? I thought they are suppose to send back for the looper to finish the job??? Weird... Or maybe I still don't get it??? 

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