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To Jelly Bean Or Not To???

by - 10:05 PM

I've been running 'Gummy' custom 'Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)' ROM for a while and it has been great!!! But the urge to move on is really unbearable!!! I've been thinking of upgrading my ROM to the newest 'Jelly Bean' which is of course custom as well (not going to run the official 'Jelly Bean' ROM)!!! The only thing holding me back is the trouble and not forgetting stability of the new ROM...

Don't want my phone to encounter any problem and causes it to malfunction... I've tested 'Jelly Bean' on my friend 'Galaxy SII' and it is superb!!! No lag and buttery smooth... Besides that, there are a few upgrade that are worth upgrading for... Tempting!!! Very tempting... Guess I will put this on hold first till I decide which custom ROM to upgrade to!!! Will do some survey on which is the best Jelly Bean ROM out there now!!! Till then...

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