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Singapore Frog Porridge

by - 8:16 PM

Other than chilli crab, there's one more dish that is famous in 'Singapore'... Introducing the star of the day - FROG PORRIDGE!!! I've tasted those selling in 'Jalan Alor' and I'm liking it... So what about those serve in 'Singapore'??? 

Well I find them delicious even after attending a 'ROM' dinner where my stomach is as big as my 18" tyres!!! There were a lot of restaurant selling this delicacy but my 'Singaporean' friends said that this was the famous one...

Overall Rating - 3.9/5

No address but I know the restaurant is located in 'Geylang'... Caught a glimpse on the famous 'Red Light District' and I'm not impress... But at least better than 'Malaysia'!!! 

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