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Reunion Lunch 2012...

by - 4:53 PM

This year we tried something different for our reunion lunch... We cooked something spicy!!! If my memory serves me right, this is the first time ever... Well, there will always be a first time!!! Every year, we cracked our head and brainstorm together for our reunion lunch... Quite frankly, I almost ran out of idea... Besides that, it is not something easy as my parents want certain ingredients and the only way to differentiate it from last year is the way of cooking it!!! It was fun nevertheless albeit a very tiring kind of fun!!! 

We woke up around eight something in the morning to prepare all the ingredients, (though I'm not the one preparing, but still I woke up early!!!) and you know what time we finish everything including eating and taking bath??? Around three something in the afternoon!!! Crazy huh... Okay now lets enjoy the fruits of our labour!!!


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