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Pavilion - Christmas Wonderland

by - 5:22 PM

Every year during 'Christmas' time, remember to bring along your camera when you're going to 'Pavilion'... I assure you won't leave disappointed!!! This must be one of the best 'Christmas' decoration in 'Malaysia'!!! 

This year's theme... 'Christmas Wonderland'!!! I find the theme spot on because everybody is enjoying it... Kids enjoying the 'Merry-Go-Round' while adults enjoying taking pictures or being taken or even cam-whoring!!! 

The structural design of 'Pavilion' makes the decoration grander and in my opinion, no matter how much effort the other shopping complexes put in, they can't really compete with 'Pavilion'...

This year 'Pavilion' decided to include a 'Merry-Go-Round' which is a godsend for the kids!!!

Lets see what the others shopping complexes can come up with... I've been to 'KLCC' and I'm sad to say that the decoration sucks... I don't even bother to take pictures of it... Next stop should be 'Gardens' or 'One Utama'!!! Or maybe 'Publika'???

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