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by - 4:18 PM

'Immortals' really caught my attention after watching the trailer... No doubt from the trailer the movie looks awesome and from the same guy who brought us '300', I don't doubt its ability to entertain... But a trailer being a trailer, you can't really judge it unless you watch the whole movie and this is what I did...

Like I said earlier, a trailer is still a trailer and what makes a trailer??? Bits from the movie and usually, they only put in the good part and make it look ridiculously good and this is what happen to 'Immortals'... From the trailer, this movie looks like the real deal but unfortunately, when it comes to watching the whole movie this is not the case... Besides that, I must really thanks those in charge of censoring because they censored all the good part leaving almost nothing for us!!! 

For me, the storyline doesn't seems to flow... It somehow feels disconnected and it feels really weird... Not good in terms of storyline!!! What happen to the almighty 'Zeus'??? Where is his thunder bolt??? Instead he's holding a hammer looking like Mjöllnir... One might even mistaken him stealing from 'Thor'!!! And what are those weird looking thing on the head of the 'Gods'??? 

Apart from the weak storyline, character, and acting there is only one thing that I like about this movie... The fighting scene near the end where the 'Gods' and 'Titans' goes head to head... Not really what I anticipated in the first place...

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