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Nasi Lemak 2.0

by - 12:00 AM

Walao EH!!! Sibeh song arh!!! Walao EH!!! That's what actually happened after watching this movie... If you are a Malaysian, chances of knowing who 'Namewee' is are actually pretty high... I know there are a lot of Malaysian who hated him but you can consider me as one of his fans... Frankly speaking, I find him really talented... Just listen to his songs and you know what I mean... Besides that, he got a really nice vocal as well... I know he's talented in music but I didn't expect him to be talented in directing movie as well so I set my expectation really low as I didn't expect much from this movie... Is a low budget movie, first time movie director and also actor... What do you expect from this??? So setting my expectation real low is the key in order not to leave disappointed...

But boy I was blown away by 'Nasi Lemak 2.0'... This is by far the BEST local made film if you ask me... This is not a simple movie (there are a lot of hidden messages waiting to be discover)... Some of you might think that this is a normal comedy but you are wrong... You are right about the comedy part but this is NOT any normal comedy... You need to understand what 'Namewee' is trying to portray in this movie and quite frankly it is not really hard to decipher (unlike those found in 'Dan Brown's books)... This movie is about Malaysia and the people that live in this very country... Very patriotic if you ask me and definitely something our 'Prime Minister' will be very proud of because this movie brings out the whole meaning of '1 Malaysia'!!! 

So this proves that you don't need a lot of $$$ or fancy equipment (they are using Canon 5D Mark II DSLR to film this movie!!!) to make a movie enjoyable... Just the right script and a meaningful storyline are more than enough to make this movie a FIRST CLASS movie!!! Two thumbs up for 'Nasi Lemak 2.0!!! 

p.s. Still scratching my head on why our government didn't provide any support on this movie??? Arhhhh I think I knows the answer... You know I know la!!! Malaysia Boleh mah... Apa-apa pun BOLEH!!!

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