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Final Destination 5

by - 11:36 PM

Actually I told myself to stay away from this movie franchise for good but one of my friend got me curious so off I went watching this movie franchise again!!! I'm really hopeless in keeping promises!!! But I don't think you can blame me because my life motto is the same as 'National Geographic' slogan... 'Live Curious'!!!

Guess I don't have to talk about the storyline here as I'm very sure that all of you out there know what this movie is all about... Is the same old thing again and again and again!!! I'm quite shock when I know that there will be a fifth movie because from what I know, the fourth will the last in the franchise... Somehow they manage to squeeze another one out... I really hope that they will just stop here as I don't see the point of continuing this movie franchise any further...

I must admit that I really like the first one... I guess the reason is simple... FRESH as that was the first time I've watched something like this... So obviously I'm attracted to it... Although I don't really fancy all the other franchise but somehow I manage to watch all of it... If you like gory stuff, I still won't recommend this movie as this looks child's play to me... I guess they succeeded... Although 'Final Destination 5' sucks BIG time, I still watched it!!!

If you insist on watching it, be my guess as that's your hard earn money... Note to myself: 'PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVIE FRANCHISE'

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