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X-Men First Class

by - 3:27 PM

I totally agree with the title of the movie as this latest 'X-Men' franchise is indeed first class in my opinion... I love 'X-Men' but unfortunately I don't have the privilege to read it's comic, so it is all about the movie I guess... I find this movie really likable because it let's me understand more on 'Professor X', 'Magneto' and how they first started the academy and why they ended up being enemy...

But this movie is not without it's flaw as the first half of the movie is a bit on the slow side more like an introductory rather than outright storyline... But after all the introductory, everything started to flow cohesively... If you are a 'X-Men' fans, remember to watch this latest movie and I'm sure you won't be disappointed!!!

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