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V For Vendetta

by - 11:13 PM

I can't remember how many times that I have watched this movie... If I'm not mistaken, it should be three... This is something very normal for me if I find the movie worth watching... So I guess you know that I love this movie just because I have watched it three times!!! The third times just happened yesterday night... I'm not going into politics here but I believe it is the right time to watch this movie now!!!

If you are Malaysian and you don't know what I'm talking about, then I suggest you log on to 'Facebook' or read the newspaper... Okay let me give you some heads up... The latest news was the radio stations are not allow to say the word and the date!!! Get it??? No??? What about a colour that you can't wear next weekend??? I believe you know what I'm talking about now...

If is possible, I would like to recommend this movie to all Malaysians regardless of race, age or sex... Watch it and think for yourself... I know some might not accept what 'V' did in the movie while some might believe that this is the way to go... If you think and see carefully, you will find some similarities if you compare our beloved country with the one portray in the movie... This is really sad but is true... I won't give you an answer on which side I'm on but if you have my 'Facebook' then I'm very sure you know the answer!!!

I can still remember a phase that 'V' said in the movie... "The people SHOULD NOT xxxx the Government, instead the Government SHOULD xxxx the people (please replace the xxxx with the word that you find fit)... This is very well said!!! I couldn't agree more!!!

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