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Green Lantern

by - 9:36 PM

Recently we have been assaulted by various 'Super Heroes' movies starting by the magnificent 'Thor' follow by the awesome 'X-Men First Class' and last but not least the disappointed 'Green Lantern'... Err disappointed??? Yeah there is nothing wrong with your eye sight... DISAPPOINTED!!!

I don't know about you, but I find the storyline rather bland and boring... It just doesn't feels right... Apart from the CGI, there is really nothing fancy about 'Green Lantern'... Come on who wants to see the bad guy which looks like a bunch of smoke or clouds... It is definitely not scary nor awesome...

I'm in love with the power of the 'Green Lantern' where they can create anything just by thinking about it and I believe the power that they have is considerably more awesome than a lot of super heroes... But, it just don't feel so awesome in this movie... Looks like 'DC' is really getting it's butt kick by 'Marvel' this time!!!

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