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iPad 2

by - 9:53 PM

Woo hoo I finally got my 'iPad 2'!!! I'm really grateful because my friend kept the box and it even came with a lovely 'Apple' plastic bag!!!

Nothing special once you open the box... All the usual 'Apple' stuff is in there... In fact it is exactly the same when I unbox my 'iPhone 2G' more than three years ago... Wait a minute, not exactly the same because my 'iPhone 2G' came with a dock!!!

It is definitely slimmer and lighter than the original 'iPad'... I got no further comment on it because my 'iPad 2' had been hijacked by my darling!!!

I'm really happy with the 'Cygnett Lavish' folio case that I bought yesterday because it has the wake/sleep function just like the 'Smart Cover'!!! This is really unexpected because they didn't even mention it in the manual!!!

So long for now as I'm going to hijack my 'iPad 2' back!!!

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