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Cygnett Lavish & Monifilm For Ipad 2

by - 5:12 PM

Ok you can call me 'kiasu' if you want and I will admit it!!! Actually my new 'Ipad 2' is still with my friend and I will only be able to get it tomorrow... But I already bought a 'Ipad 2' case and a screen protector already... Hmm feels like history is repeating itself because I did exactly the same more than 3 years ago when I bought the 'Iphone 2G'!!! Don't wanna risk my baby being scratch!!!

I didn't buy the 'Smart Cover' because it doesn't protect the back of the 'Ipad 2' and this is a BIG no no for me!!! I really like the 'Marware Microshell Folio' but too bad it is not launch yet so I got to find myself another alternative...

Since I'm going to use my 'Ipad 2' for work and recreation purposes but more on work, so I guess it is better for me to get a case that looks more presentable which won't look out of place in a meeting room rather than those which looks more funky... I decided to get myself a folio type case from 'Cygnett' because I don't really have much choice and it is really hard to find a 'Ipad 2' cover now in Malaysia!!!

The case is call 'Lavish' and it is made from man made material that is really nice to touch at... The case can be converted to 3 different viewing angles which is something important to me... But what I really like about this case is the protection it provides for my 'Ipad 2'!!! I know some of you might say that it adds a lot of bulk to the 'Ipad 2' but I don't really care about that as bulkiness is not an issue for me...

And this is the screen protector that I got for my 'Ipad 2'... Never heard of this brand but it is much cheaper compare to the others... Most of the screen protector cost around RM100++ whereas I got this 'Monifilm' for Rm69 only... Arghhhh!!! I can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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