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Mercedes Benz M103 Engine

by - 8:28 PM

This is the original engine on my W124 'Benz'... Codename M103... This is a single cam engine that comes with two configuration... The 2.6L and the 3.0L and my car is the former... Although I agree with the widely known fact that there is no replacement for displacement... But please don't let the displacement fool you because it only produces 166bhp!!! Can you believe it, only 166bhp from a 2.6L and this car weight almost close to 2 tonnes!!! So obviously the power is not great at all and not to mention the fuel economy... The '308 Turbo' produces 140bhp from a mere 1.6L!!! So what about the torque... The ever important torque!!! Haiz, I'm really embarrass to say it here... Only 228Nm and it even loses out to the '308 Turbo' which produces 240Nm...

So obviously when you are driving this car, don't expect to out drag anyone... But when you drive it serenely, no doubt this is a really good car... The ride is smooth and comfortable but this is not what I want for my ride and naturally this engine need to make way for something better in terms of horsepower and torque...

To be continue...

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