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Love Hate Situation

by - 3:33 PM

To be honest I'm quite amaze at the 'Toyota Vios'... I have never really driven one for a prolong period until yesterday and I found that I'm in a love hate situation here... Driving the 'Vios' in isolation, it is a great car but this can't be said if you compare it to some other cars out there... But what impresses me is how frugal it is... I can't believe it because given the performance, I'm expecting the fuel consumption to be far worse... Don't get me wrong here about the performance of the 'Vios'... It is not supercar or performance car quick... Far from it in fact... But if you compare it to those in the same category, it is quite a performer...

The car is nippy and the engine is rev happy like there is no inertia... I believe this is because of the weight of the car or the lack of it... It weight like a feather next to the '308 Turbo' and not to mention my due to be out from the workshop, 'FrankenBenz'!!! I manage to use only one full tank of fuel for my KL - Johor - KL trip with some mix driving... Some town driving plus some pedal to the metal driving... This can't be achieve by the '308 Turbo'... In my opinion, no other car can have this kind of performance plus the frugality other than a hybrid or a diesel... I'm really impress...

So want to know what makes me hate this car??? If you have driven a new 'Vios', I'm very sure most of you will agree with me on this... This problem is so stupid that I find it hard to believe that 'Toyota' is capable of making it!!! The wiper system don't have a 'INTERMITTENT' function!!! I was driving yesterday and it started to drizzle and believe me on this, I nearly got my hand cramp because of the stupid wiper system... In order to wipe the windscreen intermittently on a 'Vios', you need to rely on your hand or finger... Come on 'Toyota'... The cheapest car in Malaysia have it and why can't a 'TOYOTA VIOS' have it??? Please don't tell me about cost saving because the whole car is already made from plastic... So any engineers working in 'Toyota' kind to elaborate on this???

p.s. - Thanks for lending me your car... You know who you are!!! ;)

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