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by - 4:24 PM

'Tekken' one of my all time favourite fighting game besides 'Street Fighter' and 'King of Fighter'... I used to play this game during my schooling days... Those were the days...

So finally someone decided to make a movie based on the famous game... This was definitely not the first time someone decided to film a movie based on fighting game... 'Street Fighter' did it a long time ago...

If you asked me what I think about this movie, I can only say so so... But I don't really blame those involved in making this movie because as far as story line goes, there was really nothing special about it... Nothing but fighting!!! But at least I still find it quite entertaining seeing some of the characters being brought to life... I really wished they included some combos during the fight scenes because that was what makes 'Tekken' game famous... But too bad I guessed that's something really hard to achieve unless they relied heavily on CGI...

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