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Resident Evil Afterlife 3D

by - 7:53 PM

The storyline for this fourth installment of 'Resident Evil' is the same... Destroy Umbrella Corporation and find a way to destroy all the zombies...

The moment the movie started, you will realize that the way they film it had improved tremendously... I really like the way they film it... Looks so much cooler but I find there's some traces of 'Matrix' in it...

I'm sure this movie will appeal to all the fans around the world... While I find the movie entertaining, but I don't really see the point of making another one because it seems like it is going nowhere with the storyline... At least the 3D effect is quite spectacular!!! But I'm very sure the fifth installment is inevitable... But I guess I'm ok with the idea because I got to see the ass kicking 'Milla Jovovich' again!!!

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