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Irritated With Driver Driving With Their Hazard Light On!!!

by - 4:14 PM

It pisses me off whenever I see a car driving around with its hazard light on when it is raining heavily... Do you know the meaning of hazard light??? The purpose of hazard light is for disabled car parking at the side of the road and not for moving cars!!!

If you feel that the rain is very heavy just switch on your headlight and whatever possible light that your car have EXCEPT hazard light!!! By switching on hazard light while driving may confuse other driver that the car is stationary because this is a universal fact that people use hazard light when the car is stationary... But in Malaysia, this is not the case... Whenever it is raining heavily, I can see at least 5 to 10 cars running around with their hazard light on...

So please stop turning on your car's hazard light when you are driving in the rain... Just make sure you turn on your headlight and drive as usual... So think twice before pressing the button with a safety triangle!!!

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