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Dave's Deli @ 1 Utama (Uncle + Grandma's Birthday Celebration)

by - 4:45 PM

'Dave's Deli' is definitely entitle to be in my favourite restaurant list... I really love their food especially their signature 'Dave's Original 1/4 Roast Chicken' and 'Lasagne'... During my college days, I used to visit them almost once a week or maybe once every fortnight!!!

'Mango Lassi'... One of their BEST selling drinks... It is really nice... Highly recommended...

Their signature dish... 'Dave's Original 1/4 Roast Chicken'... This is one of the BEST roast chicken that $$$ can buy... I kid you not... The gravy is just awesome... Infact they knew it and name the gravy as 'MAGIC gravy'!!! Really magic I must say... It totally transform the food... A double thumbs up from me!!!

Nowadays, I seldom ordered their signature roast chicken because I'm deeply hooked by their 'Lasagne'!!! I still think this is one of the best lasagne around... I've tasted a lot of lasagne from different stalls/restaurants and I still stand firm on my decision... I always like my lasagne to be a bit wet... Most restaurant will over baked the lasagne causing them to be really dry and I hated it... Luckily Dave's Deli' lasagne is not over baked and adding their magic gravy to the lasagne only makes it even more wonderful!!!

'Footlong Chicken Sausage'...

'Fish and Chips'

'Classic Bolognaise with Meatballs'

'Cream Carbonara'

'Cream of Mix Mushroom' soup...

Free dessert!!! A scope of ice cream...

Overall Rating - 4.2/5

Dave's Deli
Lot G213 Promenade,
One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
03-7726 9490

Here's some pictures of our 'Birthday Celebration'!!!

The 'Birthday BOY'!!!

My super duper cute niece...

Birthday cake of the day... 'Pecan Butterscotch' from 'Secret Recipe'... Can you noticed what was wrong with the cake??? The damn cake melted and we needed to rearrange the 'Happy Birthday' word!!!

That's more like it...

The birthday boy together with his mother... Both celebrating on the same day...

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