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The Twilight Saga - Eclipse

by - 5:17 PM

This is the first time I review about 'The Twilight Saga'... The first time I watched 'Twilight' I was left speechless... Speechless because the movie was damn boring... The reason I felt boring was because I don't know that it was a romance movie... I though it was an action pack movie with vampires killing each other or something like that...

So I don't really understand the hype around this movie until I decided to read the story books instead... After reading then only I can fully understand about the movie... But frankly speaking I still find the movie boring... The story book was much better...

After that 'New Moon' came out and I decided to watch it since I'd started reading the story books... I find 'New Moon' much better as compared to 'Twilight'... More action which was what I preferred and actually I'm really anticipating the screening of 'Eclipse' after watching 'New Moon'... And finally the wait is over...

As usual, the third installment is more towards romance rather than action pack... Not surprising at all... I find the romance part quite boring in fact and the action part too short and the villains die to easily... Nevertheless I still prefer it over the two previous movies... I don't have to recommend this because I believe there are a lot of die hard 'Stephenie Meyer' fans out there!!! Guess is time for me to start reading 'Eclipse' story book!!!

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