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McD GCB!!!

by - 8:50 PM

Finally the 'GCB' (Grill Chicken Burger) is here!!! The first time I tasted 'GCB' was nearly 2 years ago in China... Of course the name of the burger is not 'GCB' but some other Chinese character that I don't really understand!!! (Blame myself for being a BANANA!!!)

The burger is really awesome... The meat is really tender and juicy and it is not surprising because McD uses only chicken thigh for the 'GCB'... Although the 'GCB' is awesome, frankly speaking I prefer 'Big Mac' or 'Spicy Chicken McDeluxe' over the 'GCB' and I don't really know why...

As usual, fries with lots of black pepper!!!

Head over to McD for a taste of 'GCB' because the burger is not here to stay... It is sold for a limited time only!!!

Overall Rating - 3.3/5

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