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by - 7:44 PM

Who in the right mind can come out with this storyline??? It is freaking awesome!!! Is been a long time since I've watch a movie that requires me to concentrate and think what is actually going on... Once you understand the movie, I'm very sure you will agree with me that it is a really good movie... This is a highly recommended movie from me...

Although I enjoyed the movie, the process of watching it was not really enjoyable thanks to a bunch of idiotic + moronic peoples sitting in from of me... I don't know what were they thinking because they talk non stop!!! Hello, be considerate!!! The people sitting in front of them stared at them and ask them to keep quiet not once but twice but they still continue doing what they do best which was acting like a bunch of 'SAKAI' going to cinema... Besides that, they kept going in and out of the cinema and kept on changing places among themselves... Oh gosh, this was the first time I've experience something like this...

Half way through, they decided to leave early so that we can have some peace of mind watching the movie... Thank you and I believe there was cure for you guys because FINALLY you understood what we wanted... Yes that's right... Just leave the cinema god damn it!!!

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