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Lorong Selamat 'Char Koay Teow'

by - 4:45 PM

Finally I had the opportunity to try out the very famous 'char koay teow' from 'Lorong Selamat'... The shop was packed to the brim which was not really surprising... If the shop was deserted then I guessed it would be more surprising to me...

We waited for around half an hour for our 'char koay teow'... I opted the most expensive one which I though would be a bit more special compared to the others but I'm so wrong... The only difference was there were 2 more prawns!!! But BIG one nevertheless...

RM9.00 for this!!! Frankly speaking, I believed it was a bit overpriced...

BIG succulent prawns...

RM6.50, RM7.00 and finally RM9.00!!!

This was the famous auntie in the red cap which was also famous for being arrogant, grumpy and hot tempered!!!

Looked at all the prawns...

I find this 'char koay teow' much nicer than those in KL... I'm really enjoying it... But I definitely won't order the most expensive one next time round... RM7.00 is more than enough for me as I don't really fancy prawns... Highly recommended and it is a MUST eat food when you're in Penang!!!

Overall Rating - 4.2/5

Kafe Heng Huat
108, Lorong Selamat,
10400 Penang.

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