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Iron Man 2

by - 5:23 PM

What can I say about 'Iron Man 2'??? Guess I'm a bit disappointed... Frankly speaking I have really high hopes for this movie looking at the brilliantly made predecessor... I believe that the reason is they set the bar much too high with the first installment and to me, 'Iron Man 2' cannot replicate what the first movie did...

The storyline is ok but the whole movie seems really boring without any hint of excitement until nearing the end where all hell starts to break loose... 5 of us went for the movie and 3 ended up sleeping!!!

Now I'm struggling whether to include 'Iron Man 2' into my 'Top 10 Movies of 2010' or not... Currently 'Ip Man 2' is still sitting pretty comfortable in the TOP!!! Trying to dethrone 'Ip Man 2' will be nigh on impossible I guess...

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