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Bubba Gump @ The Curve

by - 8:39 PM

Since I've never eaten 'Bubba Gump' before, I decided to try it out on my Birthday itself... As usual mix review on this... Some say that it is nice while others say the opposite... So, is my chance to give my very own rating now!!!

Hmmm, looks really familiar... Arhhh... Forrest Gump!!!

Notice the blue 'Run Forrest Run' and the red 'Stop Forrest Stop' metal plate??? I find this really interesting... Whenever you decided to order or call any of the waiter/waitress, just flip the metal plate to the red 'Stop Forrest Stop' and the waiter/waitress will attend to you... After that, just flip it back to the blue 'Run Forrest Run'...

This drink is call 'Run Forrest Run'... I don't know how to describe the taste because there are a lot of ingredients inside... The most prominent taste is banana... Quite nice and something special... Rm11.90 for this...

'Mango Sparkler' is the name for this drink... I'm very sure most of you will think that this is a mango drink... You are only partially right... It contains a lot more ingredients inside but I can't remember the others except orange... Very refreshing!!! I like it a lot... RM11.90 also...

'Shrimpim Dippin Broth'... What a nice name but unfortunately the taste is only so so... I like it better with the bread... RM35.90 for this...

This is mine... Burger AGAIN!!! This burger is call 'Sweet Home BBQ Burgers'... A very nice name as well... I find the burger quite nice but a bit bland for my liking... I prefer my beef patty to be a bit salty... But the meat is tender and juicy which is a '+' point for me...

Besides the burger, I find that the fries is really really nice... Even my darling like it as well... Double '+' for me!!! RM22.90 for this set...

I've heard a lot of peoples saying that the portion for 'Bubba Gump' is really huge but I find it so so only... If you compare it to 'Chilis', I don't think the portion is BIG... (Or maybe I'm a BIG eater???)... So overall I find it quite nice but I'm really disappointed in 'Shrimpin Dippin Broth'...

Overall Rating - 3/5

Bubba Gump Restaurant
Lot 145, 1st Floor,
Jalan PJU7/3, The Curve,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
03-7710 9862

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