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My Poor Pug Is On A Tow Truck!!!

by - 5:33 PM

My poor Pug... Mileage only around 20k ++ and she need to succumb to this!!!


This happened to my darling yesterday when she went for lunch with her colleagues... At first they suspected that the poor Pug got a dead battery and ask a nearby workshop to clarify it... The foreman opened the bonnet and said that the battery was dead but they dare not jump start the car because of all the electronics and told us to tow the car to the service center...

Once there, the technician took a device and connected it to the battery... 'BAD CELL... REPLACE'... So we can confirmed that the battery was indeed DEAD!!! The mileage is only 20k++ and the battery is dead!!! OMG!!!

A word of caution to all 308 owner be it VTi or Turbo... Please ask the technician to check on your battery once your mileage reach around 20k... I was told that after 20k, the warranty does not cover the battery and the battery itself cost more than RM700++!!! So better be safe than sorry... Besides the battery, remember to take care of your tire also because it cost around RM750 per piece!!!

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