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Genitorturers - Blackheart Revolution

by - 9:39 PM

Ever heard of 'Porno Rock'??? Me neither... This is my first time in life being expose to this term... Gothic rock, punk rock, shock rock, industrial rock and whatever rock you can find and I'm sure I've heard of it... But not porno rock... But some site quoted them as industrial rocker so I don't really know what to label them now...

'Genitorturers'... Fronted by Gen which is the vocals and the brainchild behind this band... Evil 'D' David Vincent as bassist and Bizz as guitarist... I highly recommend this band to those that like heavy metal, industrial rock and etc... As long as you like rock with really fast pace, I'm sure that you will enjoy listening to this album...

From this album, I can sense some influence from 'Marilyn Manson' and also 'Alice Cooper'... Don't know whether is this the reason that I found their music nice??? Nevertheless, I'm really enjoying this album!!! A good thumbs up form me...

CAUTION!!! Some EXPLICIT images below!!!

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