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Lack Of Update All Thanks To 'Dragon Age - Origins'

by - 6:23 PM

Lately I've been kinda busy with my work so I really neglected my blog... Looks like it is semi-dead now!!! Actually besides work, I've been pretty occupied by one particular thing which is call 'GAME'!!!

I've been playing this game call 'Dragon Age - Origins' for around a week and I can tell you that this is one of the BEST RPG game ever!!! I'm a BIG fan of RPG game all thanks to Diablo... Frankly speaking, I've been really tired of waiting for Diablo III... Don't know what took them so long!!! If you are a RPG fan like I do, faster grab yourself a copy of 'Dragon Age - Origins' and I can guarantee you that you won't be disappointed... Awesome graphics with even more awesome storyline!!!

Will try to update my Korea trip ASAP but the though of killing all the monsters in 'Dragon Age - Origins' actually making me think twice!!! The force is too hard to resist!!!

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