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Restaurant Pokemon Noodles House

by - 8:47 PM

Yesterday someone introduced me to a restaurant specializes in selling 'pan mee'... The moment I saw the restaurant name, I laughed non stop... Don't know why, I just can't control myself... I must salute the owner for choosing this name for his/her restaurant... Pokemon Noodles House!!! Guess the owner is a BIG Pokemon fan!!!

Another thing that caught my attention was the restaurant itself... It was jam pack!!! Really a lot of people... This looked promising indeed...

My drink for the day... 'Teh Ice'... Not bad at all... In my opinion, 'teh tarik' or 'teh ice' is one of the toughest drinks to make...

The soup 'pan mee'... There were a few other choices such as dry 'pan mee', tom yam 'pan mee', 'loh pan mee' and assam 'pan mee'... Besides 'pan mee' you can opt for 'mian xian' and 'yee mee' if my memory served me correctly...

The 'pan mee' tasted real nice... A big one will cost you RM4.50 while a small one will be RM0.50 cheaper... Quite cheap in my opinion but don't expect lots of ingredients though... Recommended to those that like 'pan mee'...

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Restaurant Pokemon Noodles House
Jalan 6/38D,
Taman Sri Sinar,

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