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72 Tenants of Prosperity

by - 6:14 PM

This year is one of the most boring CNY ever... I don't know why... It seems like an extra long holiday instead of CNY... So what to do in order to spice up your CNY??? Watch a movie is the simple answer!!!

We decided to watch '72 Tenants of Prosperity' because there are no movie to date that boast such an enormous cast!!! Other than that, it is still a very typical CNY movie with not much storyline to shout about... I guess most of you would guess it even before watching this movie... What I really like about this movie is the word that they use... 'HAMKALING' and 'POKKAI' is not something you will hear in a movie easily... As you know la... Malaysia Boleh!!! Most of the time, all these word will be censored and I'm really shock when I heard it so many times in this movie... A BIG thumbs up here...

This movie is funny but those that don't understand cantonese or without some sense of humour will think other wise... Is acceptable to watch it in the cinema but don't expect too much, but that's just me...

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