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Which Company Produces The Best Petrol???

by - 5:58 PM

First of all, I don't get a single cent for promoting whichever brand of petrol nor get paid for condemning the others... This is purely base on my experience and my 'trusty BUTT DYNO'!!!

Straight to the point... 'Shell' is not the company that produces the best petrol in my humble opinion... Ever since I switch to RON95, I stopped using 'Shell' petrol for good... Why??? The answer is very simple... Because it SUCKS!!! BIG TIME!!! In fact, before switching over to RON95 I've already stop using 'Shell'... Last time I used to be a big supporter for 'Shell' petrol but definitely not now... Whenever I use 'Shell' RON95 petrol, I can feel that my car is begging me to stop using it... If I continue using it, my car engine will start protesting!!! My car engine can never be rev past 4k rpm when I'm using 'Shell' petrol and the whole car started to feel really sluggish... At first I thought there is something wrong with my car until one day I decided to pump 'BHP' petrol... Surprisingly my engine stop protesting...

I continue using 'BHP' for few more times before changing it back to 'Shell'... SHIT!!! It happen again... So as a conclusion, 'Shell' petrol is the main culprit... Now my car can rev all the way to redline without any hesitation... Then one fine day, I decided to try other petrol instead of 'BHP'... To my surprise, my car accepted all the other brands of petrol as well... So this lead to another question... Why does it happen only when I use 'Shell' petrol??? And this is a question that I myself cannot answer...

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