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Korea Day 3 (Fish Steamboat Dinner)

by - 10:10 PM

Steamboat dinner AGAIN!!! Argh!!! I can't take it anymore... But our tour guide told us that the steamboat dinner is different because we are actually having FISH steamboat... So what is so special about this fish steamboat??? She told us that the fish is really famous in Korea and we must try it...

Looks like our 'Yu Tao Mai' aka 'Fish Head Noodle'... But the soup tasted totally different... Not that bad actually but definitely not great either... After a while we starts to search for the fish... Hmm how come there are no fish in our steamboat???

Ta-dah!!! Here's the fish... Wow that's really BIG in my opinion (sarcastically)...

Tell you the truth, I'm really disappointed with the fish... Totally tasteless and is rather hard... Our 'Yu Tao Mai' is sooooooo much nicer...

No comment on this!!!

Besides the seaweed, this is the only side dish that I like... It is really nice...So guess what is this dish made of??? This is actually fish... Wow I really didn't know that fish can taste so nice...

To be continue

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