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Slipper From Camper...

by - 10:22 PM

This is my latest slipper... Is from Camper... I guess a lot of you out there must be thinking... Why blog about a pair of slipper??? The reason for this is because this is not an ordinary slipper!!! The moment you place your feet on the slipper, you will gain extraordinary speed!!!

Okok... I was joking on that... So here comes the truth... This is the slipper that manage to dethrone my previous Crocs sandal!!! This pair of Camper slipper is officially the 'King of Comfort'!!! The slipper is super duper soft... It feels like you are actually stepping on some kind of gel... So much softer compare to Crocs which I claim to be one of the best sandals out there until I found out about the Camper...

The downside of this slipper is the price... Is very expensive for a pair of slipper but the Crocs are not cheap either... But thankfully they are having a 10% discount for this slipper and when you purchase it with American Express, you are entitle for another 15% cash back rebate... Now this is what I call value for money!!! This is by far the best pair of slipper/sandal/shoe that my feet ever land on...

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